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Return Policy

At Homepraktika we are interested in our consumers being satisfied with their purchases. For this reason we have an easy and immediate return process.

You can call for any questions you have about returns

strictly in the following hours


18:00 - 21:00

All returns can be made within 30 days of receiving the products.

Necessary condition to have checked the products received within 48 hours.

Products such as sinks, hoods, showers, sinks, glass covers, wc basins, kitchen counters should be inspected upon receipt, in the presence of the carrier. Otherwise our company is not able to make any return.

Refund refers to a refund you have made or a replacement product.

Products that can not be returned - Exchange:

  • Shading Rollers, Metal Blinds, Wooden Blinds, Fabric Blinds, Screens because they are made in the required dimensions.
  • Kitchen counters
  • Covers - Fireplace Accessories
  • Curtain Rods Forged-Curtain Rods Skates, Wooden Metopes- Aluminum Metopes
  • Wallpapers imported from abroad
  • Mask
  • Door knobs in gold, copper, red, patina, forged or special orders
In products such as Photo Wallpapers, Paintings-Canvases and Space Dividers there is no possibility of order cancellation, return or change.
In all Paints of metals, wood, wall, styles, chalks, floors, Oils, candles, Solvents, Corrosives, Sprays and Special paints no change can be made - return.

Return Procedure

  • Fill in the Product Return Form.
    At the bottom of our home page you will find the Product Return Form and after filling in all the fields, click Submit. You can click here
  • After being informed through the Return Form, we will contact you to confirm the return.
  • Then send the product to our headquarters at the following address:
    Home practice
    Stathopoulos Christos and Co. OE
    Olympion 15
    Postal code 27100
    Pyrgos Ilias

    Caution! In case the returned product is defective * or is not in its original packaging or the corresponding document (Invoice or Retail Receipt) is not included then it will be returned to the sender.

  • Finally, if the product is received and checked, we will contact you to replace or refund the money.

    * We would like to point out that when sending the products for return, it is necessary that the products are packed very well so that they are received in their original condition. Otherwise, ie if the products we receive are stamped, their return will not be accepted and as a result they will be sent back to the sender at your own expense.
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