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The company Stathopoulos was founded in 1985 by Mr. Christos Stathopoulos, Since then it has never stopped growing and leading the developments in the field of furniture materials.

In 1999 the company started its imports from Italy, Spain, and Germany, as a result of which it entered the field of wholesale. In 2003, in new facilities of three floors (600m2), all the taste and appetite of the young people around them is gathered and the result is unique.

Based on the many years of experience of our company, it provides a wider and more complete range of products for interior renovation and equipment. The expanded range of products of the company Stathopoulos, combines high quality with the appropriate knowledge of the staff so that it can meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.

Today, our company cooperates with the largest factories in Greece and abroad that manufacture high quality products (knobs, curtain rods, kitchen accessories, paints, tools) by offering them to furniture professionals, contractors, our stores, manufacturers, interior decorators as well as to customers.

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